Would you like to know what clients think after working with me? Take a look for yourself in the client quotes below and see what they have to say.


Coming to counselling with Esha has helped me to see I’m not alone. It’s helped me to understand my feelings and fears, to start to like myself. It’s helped me to be me and have a voice.

Young Person

To begin with, I was a little doubtful, thinking here I am discussing personal issues with a total stranger in a confidential environment. But I soon changed my opinion. I got so much out of our discussions. You have helped me to look at myself in a totally different way. You have helped me to recognise the good qualities I possess.


You are a brilliant counsellor, someone I would definitely recommend. I know it’s your job; you made me feel comfortable, you’re a good listener, role model, supportive, inspirational and an easy person to talk to.  In all our sessions I never left feeling rushed or glad the hour was over. My spirit was lifted every week.


Part of me always told me to just forget my past, abuse, and hurt. The thing is, I don’t want to just forget it. My past didn’t kill me, I survived it. I‘ve learnt from my past. I’m stronger; I always was and have been. I’m just now starting to see that.


I’m really a different person to who I was when I first started seeing my counsellor. I’m really starting to be me, to make my own choices and be in control of me. I’m starting to like me. I’ve never liked me before or trusted me. I do now. I’m not a victim anymore. I’m a survivor!


You have helped me to realise that it isn’t wrong to put myself first and to let others, for the first time in my life, appreciate the things I do or don’t do.