The trials of life sometimes beat us up leaving us stuck, uncertain and in need of some support to help us make sense of where we are at; a listening ear to help us explore the hidden answers within, refocus and move forward.

My name is Esha. I am an accredited counsellor with 18 years’ experience working with adults, children and young people; 15 years’ spent as a Senior Sexual Abuse Counsellor for Barnardo’s.

As well as adults, I work with children and young people aged 4 years and upwards.  I offer a safe creative space for children and young people to explore and express their feelings around their emotional wellbeing, helping them to gain a healthy sense of self. Using a range of therapeutic tools, children and young people improve their emotional resilience, build confidence, self-esteem and develop healthy attitudes towards challenging behaviours such as self-harming, suicidal thoughts, anxieties around body image, mood swings and anger. I offer support to help young people deal more effectively with issues and challenges, such as friendships, relationships, peer pressure, bullying, self-identity and exam pressures. Click here to get in touch.

  • Diploma in Counselling

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Certified Play Specialist

  • Postgraduate Award in Working Therapeutically with Children and Young People

  • Accredited Member of the British Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Luminous Counselling

Our Offerings

One-to-one counselling for adults, children and young people;

Group session counselling;

School-based counselling; Teaching workshops

Our Mission

Our mission is to put the power of helping any child back into the hands of the people who love them most, their parents; bringing home the skills to teach children to stay safe.

More Info

Past Experience

I have worked with children and young people for over 25 years; 18 of those in a therapeutic setting; with 15 years’ working specifically with children and young people affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and educating parents about perpertrators. I additionally work in general school-based counselling for children who have been affected by a wide range of difficulties including parental separation or divorce, bullying, behavioural issues, social isolation, friendship issues and so on.


By definition I am Gestalt trained however, my main orientation as a counsellor is integrative, utilising the theoretical method best suited to individual at the time and to change as and when required. I tend to draw from whatever source I deem useful to create change for the individual, and possible bring about a significant outcome. I have an underlined passion for the needs of children; I am teased because no matter how awful a picture painted I will find the hidden gem in a child.

Using Creativity

I have a vivid imagination and the use of play and art resources often facilitates my counselling practice. Whilst verbal communication maybe and adequate standalone for adults, talk therapy can often alienate children and young people, who, depending on their ability to fully comprehend talk therapy, may find sitting and being asked questions and expecting to offer an answer boring and irritating. Play, especially for younger children, is a natural means of communication, of getting into their view of the world.